Who is Roman Christian Hafner?


My name is Roman Christian Hafner. Since my birth I have the ability to see and describe energy fields. I call this ability reading and scanning. This makes it easy for me to see people, places, animals and also objects energetically and as a result to recognize where blockages lie and where which energies are in flow. I recognize what the person or place or even an animal needs to be in harmony and in tune with itself.

I take great joy in playing with these energies and supporting others to come into their very own power and energy and also to stay there.

For more than 18 years I have been working as a coach and mentor in personal contact and over the phone/Skype. I also regularly give seminars in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For me it is an absolute fulfillment to live out my gift and thus accompany others on their path. In doing so, I discover again and again the creativity and perfection of being. It is special to me when people open up to themselves and their truth and allow themselves to courageously stand by themselves. In doing so, I like to give a boost of energy in the “right” direction from the bottom of my heart.

I am happy about every new encounter and like to be inspired.

Have fun browsing my website.

All love