About World of Creators - the platform for new awareness

“Begin the journey within yourself as a human being and as a creator. So now and in this moment and in this special time!” 

Roman Christian Hafner 

-World of Creators-


Become aware of yourself and get to know your creator power. Remember that you yourself already carry everything within you and may take over the power and strength at any time to shape your life according to your choice. You may become creative and think about exactly what you really want. What wants to express itself through you? Which form wants to show itself? THIS is your time here on earth! So decide for yourself!

Create your world! Put the focus on what you want and less on what you don’t want. Be the designer! Be colorful, be crazy, be YOU! And feel the true joy within you! Are you ready to remember to be a creator? Then WOC is the right place for you! Be a part of our creator community and take a look around our website. Here’s how to do it: Take a few deep and calm breaths, perceive yourself as a whole being within, feel your body! After a few breaths you give yourself the signal “everything that is right for me, meets me now”.

Discover now what appeals to you and what is exactly important and right for YOU now!

Every moment is the moment of your creating.

So be a conscious creator! 

Welcome to the World of Creators.

WOC – World of Creators – is a creation of Roman Christian Hafner and team.

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How do I become aware that I am a Creator?

The awareness that you are a creator, that is a creator and a creator, you get by remembering.

Interested people can get to know the creator in themselves and get in contact with other creators!

World of creators offers a series of offers with which we can become aware of our creator power again. We can learn to fully express and live out our own truth and truthfulness. To recognize our own being to the fullest and transform it into a creative form. Eternally alive and always in motion, in the flow of life and being. Every creator who joins us learns to raise his consciousness and to adapt to the ever higher vibrating times. We want to connect as many people as possible to create an ever-growing network of consciousness!

For a creative, truthful, authentic and joyful world!

In this world we want to keep colors and forms in motion and create a new individual reality. Each for himself and yet all together!

As YOU and as WE!

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What my customers say


The WOC Club is a creation of Roman Christian Hafner. 

Among other things, this is also a multimedia platform to connect creators and bring them into exchange.

Furthermore, this community moves on a constantly raised energy frequency. Periodically, Roman upswings the platform and thus the space, raising the frequency and adjusting it to the current energies of the Earth. The club members have their own chat. In this chat, members can create their own profile and generate their own consciousness time.

Among themselves they can network via a friend request and exchange private messages. Of course Roman is also active in this club chat.

Other offers are included in the club membership:

Special club webinars and seminars are free of charge.
The recordings of special club webinars are also free of charge – of course, only if the technology has cooperated
Discounts through discount codes for certain products in the store
Every now and then we have special surprises in store for club members
Members report a very special community feeling

So take a look at the store and become a club member.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

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